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About Me

Hi! I'm Linda!
Welcome to my blog and shop!
Lady Elsie Lee

My passions and pursuits encompass many things including sewing, delicious food, health & wellness, jewelry, art, music, books, animals. Most importantly, my faith in Christ. It's what keeps me going day-to-day. Without the LORD, life means nothing. Eternal security is everything.


My first blog & Etsy Shop - Tintenfleck Studio - was created while living in Prince Edward Island, Canada. (Tintenfleck means "spot of ink" in German. It's part of my heritage and I chose that word to describe my ink & watercolor artwork.) My husband and I lived there from 2009 -2018. I had the opportunity to participate in a number of craft fairs, including setting up shop one summer in the fictitious Avonlea Village barn - home to Anne of Gables - in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island.

Originally from Massachusetts, we have now settled into a new part of the U.S. - South Carolina  - adjusting to a different climate and hearing the twang of Southern tongues! We do love living close to family again.


And why the name "Lady Elsie Lee?" Elsie was my maternal grandmother. A hard-working woman with a talent for homemaking, gardening, needle-art and caring for her family. She was the first woman in her home town (Lawrence, MA) to get her driver's license. Before she got married in her late 20s and started a family, she worked at a woolen mill. This blog and Etsy shop is my homage to her and my wonderful memories of a loving grandmother.

Want a glimpse of my accessories for women and other creations? Click on the heading labeled More - then click on Gallery/Portfolio.

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