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Beautifully Stitched Shabby Chic I Love You Card

Hello All!

If you're at a loss as to what kind of card (or simple sentimental gift) to give a certain wonderful person in your life for Valentine's Day, may I suggest whipping up a shabby chic fabric card with the sundries from your sewing room!

All complete with a quote or two! When in doubt as to what to say to your beloved, go online and search for love quotes or poems or scripture verses. Then gather your supplies and see how creative you can be in a hurry!

This particular fabric card was already partly done for me. I made fabric cards last year for a quick project (you can see that post here). I untied the pink ribbon from the pack of fabric cards and chose the one I wanted for today's project.

Then I dug through my stash of sundries and laid them out to see what I would actually use to decorate this fabric card.

I wanted to have two quotes on my card. This Shabby Chic I Love You Card will be mailed (albeit late) to my dearest friend, Janie, who lives in MA. She and I met way back in 1992 at our place of work. We quickly became best friends as we had lots in common.

My favorite memories are sewing together. When my daughter, Melody, was in her teens and needed some fancy gowns for her youth group banquets, Janie was eager and willing to help me out. As I was working full-time then, my sewing sprees tended to be all-nighters!

We also had sewing nights about every other week after work hours. We'd switch back and forth between sewing at her house and mine. We'd each provide our own simple supper of a sandwich, and the "sewing session hostess" would supply the tea and chocolate dessert! Always tea. Always chocolate dessert!

This card is duly decorated for the sweet memories we had many years ago. It's very hard to live far away from a best friend.

I started with the lace, stitching it around the edges of the card. I cut out the quotes with my fancy scissors and stitched them on next.

This is how I laid out the sundries - buttons, lace, and whatnots... to see how my masterpiece would look like.

After I started stitching the buttons on, I noticed that the "sewing machine" charm was made backward. Gracious me! If you're going to create replicas of sewing machines in miniature form, you never have their backs showing. Always the front. A person never sews from the backside of a sewing machine. Thought I'd point that out in case you were wondering, too!

There was already a hole punched in the card and I reattached the ribbon. Here's the finished Shabby Chic I Love You Card! I know anyone who appreciates sewing and crafts and pretty things will love this card! Don't you think?

It's fun to stitch fabric and paper together! I hope you will try it! If you want another project that involves several cards with quotes, check out that post here.

Wrap it up and you're ready to go! Hand deliver your fabric card sentiment or pop it in the post!


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