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A Cozy Time for a Kitty Latte

Hello everyone!

Did my title pique your interest? I hope so!

What kind of hot beverage do you like to cozy up with on a cold winter’s day sitting next to the fire with your favorite book? Or perhaps you live in the tropics and your ideal spot is relaxing on an open porch in the early morning light to watch the sun spill its rays over your private beach. Wherever you are when you start or end a busy day of meetings, deadlines, homesteading chores, or childcare, a warming beverage can fit in nicely to relax the mind and body.

My "Kitty Latte" will be just the thing for you to try!

It’s my copy of the Starbucks’ London Fog Latte which features Earl Grey Tea and hot frothed milk on top! I named this a “Kitty Latte” because my niece, Audra, once had a grey kitty named London Fog. You can give it your own name – I won’t mind! Lady Grey Latte sounds good to me, too!

My Version of Starbucks’ London Fog Latte aka Kitty Latte


Your favorite large mug

Milk Frother (mine is battery operated - aerolatte brand)

Earl Grey Tea (or Lady Grey) – 2 tea bags for a mug-sized treat

1 cup scalding hot milk (approximately 1 cup or less – depending on the size of your mug)

Vanilla Extract

Natural sweetener (optional) - I used powdered Stevia


Only boil enough water to fill up HALF of your mug. YES – HALF! Insert 2 tea bags. You want the tea to be on the strong side because the milk will dilute the taste of the tea if you don’t use 2 tea bags. If your mug is extra-large like the Venti-size Starbucks mugs, then use 3 tea bags.

Let the tea steep a couple minutes or more while you scald the milk. Add a touch of sweetener if you desire and a drool of Vanilla extract. You can also keep the tea bags in while you drink your creamy creation.

Heat milk in a tiny saucepan until scalding hot – just before it boils. Whip up the milk until very frothy. (Use a container large enough to accommodate the extra volume of milk created from frothing it up. I use a large mug.) Carefully pour the frothed milk into your steeped tea.

Bring your steaming hot drink to your favorite calming spot along with a homemade muffin, or toast with honey, and relax and enjoy your London Fog or Kitty Latte!

Let me know how you like it!

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