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Christmas Greetings and a Happy New Year!

Hello everyone! You probably thought I had left the planet as my post-writing has been nil for about six months. Not that the past several years haven't been stressful, but it's been harder to get tasks completed with chronic pain and other distractions that need to be eliminated. I will strive to do better in the coming year!

I am still stitching up beautiful carpet bag totes and will soon create a new style (for me, at least) of the popular Mary Poppins-style carpet bag, complete with leather handles and straps. Stay tuned to see its debut in the (hopefully) near future! If you haven't checked out my online shop lately, click HERE to view my beautiful items.

Even if it's too late for a Christmas gift, my items make fabulous gifts for other occasions. I wouldn't mind getting a late Christmas gift from someone. Maybe you need a last-minute gift? Hint! Hint! I can ship it out in a jiffy! Or maybe you just want to get it for yourself! This gorgeous bag is a recent addition to my shop. Click HERE to see it.


As of this afternoon, December 23, my dear mom has passed from this earth into glory. Almost two weeks ago it was discovered she had congestive heart failure. She was in the hospital for six days and then was able to go home (where she lived with my younger sister and brother-in-law) for six days receiving wonderful care from them along with hospice help.

At 94+ years, she passed peacefully into her heavenly abode. Something she has been waiting for for some time. I am happy she is no longer in pain, though I will miss her greatly. Check out the post link at the bottom of this page to read a tribute to my mom when she turned 90.


As the celebration of the birth of Christ is upon us, I trust you will be keeping that part of your festivities a highlight amidst the twinkling lights, food, and gifts, for it IS the most important part of what Christmas is all about.

Jesus Christ came to this earth, born of the virgin Mary, to grow up and die on the cross for our sins. To redeem us and give us eternal life. If you have not received Him into your heart as your personal Savior, I urge you to do this today. It will be the most important decision you will ever make - for all eternity!

Have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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