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A Mother's Day Tribute to My Mom

A Happy Mother's Day to you all!

It seems this Mother's Day is somewhat different than the ones we've ever celebrated in our lives.

No matter. The world situation can't erase a holiday. It can't erase the love we have for our moms. It can't erase the memories.

Whether you're able to see your mom - if she is still living - or living far away - and not able to give her a hug on her day, we can still celebrate, remember, cherish, and uphold them in prayer.

Whatever your circumstance regarding your mom's and your relationship - good or bad - we can still be thankful to the person who brought us into this world.

A year ago, the Seniors Group at our church invited my sister, Cindy, and I to attend their monthly luncheon to pay tribute to our mom. At the luncheons each month, they would mention those who were celebrating their birthdays. Our mom, Paula, did not know we'd be attending the Senior Luncheon, nor did she know we'd be a part of the program after the meal.

My sister spoke first and presented her memories of mommy in story form, recounting how hard she worked to take care of her family and other incidents of note. As she spoke, some of the memories unexpectedly triggered tears from both of us.

When I was asked to "speak" at the luncheon and pay tribute to my mom, I was at a loss as how to do it. How to creatively put my thoughts on paper so that I could read it in front of a group of people. After Cindy finished speaking, here is what I said:



A sacrificial mom, she was and ever is,

A hard working gal, she’s of German descent

Who loves animals, puzzles and games,

A dedicated gardener and an artist with paint.

A knitter and crocheter was she, that was cool

and braider of rugs made of long strips of wool.

The sewing of clothing on a black Singer machine

the mending of socks, the holes, they were clean.

Trained as a nurse, she created a home

For children of four - two girls and twin boys,

and later a girl – her fifth child was she born

amidst cats and toys and tiny house well-worn.

She’s exhibited stamina, patience and strength

When sickness came, and in times of death

in family relationships, in-laws and stress,

With perseverance and longsuffering

She coped, nonetheless.

My mom’s a woman after God’s own heart

At home or at church, she’s continued her part

Of unfailing love for family and friends

Her prayers for others – it never ends.

Our younger days consisted of junket and Zarex, and homemade root beer

And molasses popcorn balls for Christmas cheer

She trusted us to wander our way down the street

For nickel and dime store candy that put holes in our teeth.

I loved her plum Kuchen, a German pastry,

And meals of roast beef, mashed potatoes, you see,

Not liking pea soup, Indian pudding, and a pile of cold peas

Sat still on my plate - no dessert - as you please.

She kept herself busy with five children just fine

hanging laundry outdoors that froze on the line

the cooking, the jam making and pickles in jars,

the chores never ended, we can give her ten stars!

She tarried and toiled through vacations to bring us

Outdoor excursions on mountains and beaches

Her children were taught how to ice skate and sled

On ice-crusted ponds, up snowy hills we tread.

A keeper of secrets, her quiet demeanor,

A musician, a caregiver, companion, and mother

Birthdays remembered, bunny cakes with frosting

Bicycles and tricycles, roller skates and hiking.

We bear the proof of her endless prodding

Of practicing piano, chores, and always much scolding,

While peeking at gifts under the tree in the night

Told me to – go back to bed! it was 4 in the morning!

Her cooking, creativity, sewing were maybe

passed down to daughters who make great home-made gravy.

Sunday dinners were special and at times super great

With home-made French fries and pieces of steak!

A life full of adventures, challenges and changes,

There’s much to remember, so many years, so many phases

with the LORD at her side, there is no other

I love my mom, a one-of-a-kind mother.


Proverbs 31:10-31 portrays a virtuous woman. I can truly say mommy has lived out that scripture very well.

There were photos taken of us at the luncheon. I thought they were on my laptop but I can't find where they are and I'm sure mom and Cindy would prefer not to see them here! But I will share two photos at the end of this post of two little darlings.

My mom celebrated her 91st birthday last month on April 30! As she doesn't like people to fuss over her, we had a quiet dinner with my sister and brother-in-law and my husband and I. I gave her a small potted rose bush and my sister gave her a larger one for her (their) yard. Mom lives with my sister and her husband not too far away from us.

I love roses - can you tell? There's even another "rose" at the end of this post.

As a mom myself, I find I come up very short when I think of how hard my mom toiled, loved, and cared for us all. And prays for us, too!

I have one beautiful daughter, Melody, to be thankful for. She is an amazing mom herself and has four beautiful children. One of which, just came into this world a few days ago!

My mom now has 10 great-grandchildren. Three of which were born this year - January, March and May! That includes two more grandchildren for my sister, Cindy.

Meet my new little rosebud!

Charlotte Rose!

Born May 5, 2020 at 11:50 p.m. 8 lbs 15.5 oz, and 20.75 inches long

Charlotte Rose joins her older siblings - Olivia (8), Lillian (5), & William (4).

Below is Olivia holding precious Charlotte Rose the morning after her birth:

Have a blessed Sunday and a Happy Mother's Day!


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