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Make Your Easter Day a Blessed Remembrance for Eternity

Happy Easter! Blessed Resurrection Sunday!

I hope this Easter Sunday has special significance to you and that it's not just eggs and bunnies and family gatherings.

Easter Sunday is more than that.

It marks the day when Jesus Christ rose from the dead to provide redemption for each person who trusts Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Have you put your trust in Christ as your personal Savior?

If you have not, I urge you to make today a special remembrance when you pray to the LORD to save you from your sins, trusting Him for salvation and providing you with eternal life.

Nothing you do in your life is more important than this.

No matter what is happening in your life at this very moment - good or bad - the LORD is near. He is waiting for you to take the step and put your faith in Him if you haven't done so already.

If you don't have a church to attend and are hesitant to attend a service, then I would encourage you to live-stream my church's morning service on Sunday, March 31, where we'll be having a special musical presentation with scripture readings. The service prelude starts at 10:20 a.m. (Eastern Time). The link for live-streaming is at the top of the church's web page.

Feel free to contact me anytime to chat about this subject. (

Have a blessed Easter!


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