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Come to My Front Porch Trunk Show!

A happy Saturday to you all!

I’ve been working on my Etsy shop and have finished making a dozen carpet bags. They are sooo lovely! I love making bags with gorgeous fabrics! The hard part of it all is when they sell I have to give them up. Part of me goes with my bags. They're my creations. That's just how I feel. A part of me must be in France and Australia then!

While I was living in Canada, I sold two tapestry carpet bags to customers across both ponds! If you want to see some gorgeous fabric, check out that bag in my Gallery. It's the photo right after the black faux fur tote (here). Alas, I only have a small piece of that fabric left and have not found another source for it. That bag was very popular. A lot of viewers loved it.

And I am in mourning – so to speak – that my favorite fabric store did not open in April due to COVID-19.

I’m praying it opens up the first week of May as well as other businesses. We shall see. It’s in God’s hands. In the meantime, my closet has piles of “eye candy” wanting to be a beautiful tote or carpet bag owned by someone in the world!

What is a Trunk Show?

Well, it's not like the photo at the top, for sure! For those who don’t know – it’s a one or two-day event where the creator of a line of goods goes to a boutique or sets up in a hotel room to showcase her items with the hope that the boutique would purchase her merchandise for their shop. Or she would sell directly to customers that came into the boutique.

In the early 1800s, salesmen would travel around the countryside with a steamer trunk full of merchandise looking for customers that needed their wares. In those early days, all the merchandise would fit into a trunk. Today, we use bags and boxes. Though I have used modern day luggage on wheels to tote my wares to craft fairs.

My “trunk show” is a little different as my items came directly from my sewing room and weren’t packed into a trunk – except for the little “trunk” holding the envelope purses. (smile) Today it’s for show and tell - a preview of things to come - and then for sale in my Etsy shop (here).

Front Porch Trunk Show Photos

It was a beautiful, slightly windy and sunny day today – perfect to fulfill my idea of having a virtual trunk show. And true to form, my husband who was outside while I was setting up on the front porch, spoke with a neighbor two doors down and she came to see my wares!

I was very pleased a couple of my items caught her eye. The photos show most of my merchandise. If there is something you see and it’s not listed in my Etsy Shop, please let me know. I still have items to be listed along with the dozen bags I just finished. I only show six of them here. And I have a couple floral ones that still need cording.

Step right up and take a look!

Dolly (my mannequin) is standing by the front door adorned with jewelry. You'll see a close-up further down.

See this red tapestry carpet bag? My sister, Cindy, wanted me to buy this fabric. I had second thoughts. But look! Isn't it gorgeous? And you haven't even seen the lining yet.

The necklaces hanging here are all Celtic Knot. I know it's hard to see, but you can get a close-up in my Etsy shop (here). And the little trunk is holding envelope purses. There are a couple on the floor in front of that gorgeous and sumptuous turquoise carpet bag!

Here's another view of that gorgeous red bag!

Here's a close-up of Dolly. She is wearing floral brooches and my original and unique hand-illustrated ink and watercolor alphabet pendants. The floral brooches are sold (here) and the Initial Letter Pendants are (here).

And the envelope purses. They are great for special occasions and the square ones have shoulder straps - also perfect for special occasions or shopping.

A collection of carefully crafted jewelry. The sun was very bright and so one or two photographs weren't quite as clear as I would have liked.

It's tea party time with matching earrings!

I adore this delicate Celtic Knot necklace below. It's made with thin brown leather. It's braided in King Solomon's Plait and adorned with amber Czech glass beads and freshwater pearls.

Here's another King Solomon's Plait in a gold leather. Perfect for bridesmaids!

It's hard to tell the colors here in this gorgeous bag, but it's a very pale minty green and light brown paisley. You'll have to wait until it's listed to see the lining.

Here's a lone white faux fur tote. It's sumptuously soft!

Did you enjoy your virtual tour of my front porch trunk show? Please stay tuned as in the next several days I'll be photographing and listing a number of new items.

While you're waiting for my new items, you can check out carpet bags (here) and the envelope purses (here).

Keep my shop in mind for Mother's Day!

Have a great weekend!


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