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Neat and Wonderful Wares - Shop at a Vintage Warehouse

Hello all!

I'm finally back to update you on what's been going on in my life.

Nothing stupendous or earthshattering - just dealing with physical ailments and family issues - but also busy with making more bags, not only for my online shop "Lady Elsie Lee" (see the link for my shop at the top of this page - or click HERE) but for a booth at a spectacular vintage warehouse an hour away from my house!

For the summer months from June until the end of August, I have a booth set up at the Reinvintage Warehouse in Spartanburg, SC. Whether or not it all goes well sales-wise for me, it is a great way for people to view my handmade bags and jewelry in person. I do not need to be there in person as the warehouse takes care of handling the sales - including online sales, as the products in my booth are also available on the warehouse's website. They will ship it to you!

Except for the Initial Letter Pendants (in copper) I created for my online shop Lady Elsie Lee, I removed all the other jewelry, and those pieces are available for sale at the Reinvintage Warehouse. I do have initial pendants in black at the warehouse. If you are local, please feel free to stop in and see my booth! I will provide the warehouse link at the end of this post for shop hours and online shopping - including ordering MY items from the warehouse.

The bags and jewelry that are in the booth are only available at the warehouse right now. They are not listed in my Lady Elsie Lee shop on Etsy. But as I mentioned, you can order them through the warehouse.

The Reinvintage Warehouse is a unique place to shop. A number of beautiful and different chandeliers hang from the ceiling. Unique treasures and old-style furniture and table displays create that "vintage vibe" - a place where it's fun to browse and shop. Refinished furniture, clothing, children's clothing and books and toys, jewelry of all kinds and bags (including mine!), decorative wall items, candles, soaps, antique treasures - you name it!

If you're local, they also offer workshops for painting and creating different kinds of things. Get on their mailing list so you can be notified of sales and activities and changes in hours of operation.

Here are some photos of the inside. Isn't it awesome?

I recently moved my booth to the main area for more visibility and because the warehouse was making changes to their space. Alas, I had one zippered clutch stolen a few weeks ago! How dare they do that! That person will get their comeuppance for taking what they didn't pay for!!

Here are photos of where my booth is now situated! Everything sits on the table, plus I have my floor candelabra with carpet bags hanging from it. If you go on the warehouse's website, you can get clearer pictures of all the jewelry. I have several beaded necklace and earring sets, plus Celtic Knot jewelry.

I have a lovely new "leafy" fabric made into a carpet bag. I "did" have a zippered clutch to match that carpet bag, but that was the one that got stolen! I may be stitching up another one at some point.

Here's my trusty sewing and modeling assistant, "Dolly," adorned with floral brooches, a beaded necklace set and a zippered fold over bag with leather straps. It looks a little crowded on Dolly's front side, but as these items are displayed in a store, I had to attach tags with prices to everything.

A lot more Celtic Knot necklaces hang together next to the floral suitcase that holds Initial Letter Pendants (in black).

And there you have it! I hope you enjoyed viewing my handcrafted wares. Here's the website for the Reinvintage Warehouse. Click HERE. can go to my Etsy shop as well for bags in different fabrics and styles. Click HERE to go to Lady Elsie Lee on Etsy.

Until next time, enjoy the rest of your week!


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