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My Beautiful and Successful First Fashion Photo Shoot

I'm excited to show you photos from my first fashion photo shoot highlighting a selection of my romantic accessories for the gentlewoman in heart.

My beautiful and willing model, Gabrielle, was the star along with the beautiful handcrafted carpet bags and totes that I make and sell in my Etsy shop (here).

I had planned this photo shoot back in the spring, but then the virus situation hampered progress. Then 90-degree summer weather was not suitable for being outdoors. Particularly for me!

Fall arrived. Cooler weather was on the horizon. We chose the day, time, and venue, and went for it! The weather was perfect. We couldn't have asked for a better day with a light breeze and warm and comfortable temperatures to showcase my wares on the campus of Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC.

I asked Gabrielle to wear a casual outfit and a dressy one. She came prepared with three different outfits. I loved her wardrobe choices. Her clothing perfectly complemented the bags I chose from my Etsy shop.

For those who prefer a casual dress and lifestyle or lean towards a dressier and romantic wardrobe, these bags are a perfect match! All carpet bags and totes are lined with beautiful decorator fabric and include a small pocket inside.

My carpet bags are cinched closed with cording. They are large and strong enough to accommodate your belongings for a weekend getaway or trip to the beach.

Here we go with a casual look!

Perhaps you're the adventurous type and your preference for travel is in the great outdoors, especially when it involves lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my!

This beautiful black carpet bag is elegant, yet fits quite nicely with casual wear as you can see here. My hair stylist, Morgan, owns one of these black velvet ones. She uses it every day as her carryall when going to the salon. She loves it!

On to the next group of photos showcasing a more romantic vibe. Carpet bags and totes in floral prints are beautiful accessories for brides and bridesmaids. They're practical and sturdy bags for anyone who loves having a one-of-a-kind tote. I made my first tapestry carpet bag over 20 years ago. I still use it.

A glimpse of my original, never seen anywhere else, initial pendants. Gabrielle is wearing her initial necklace "G." I've included a close-up of "M." Initial pendants are found here in my Etsy Shop.

I had to include more images of this gorgeous floral fabric tote. Don't you just LOVE it?

And a couple more tapestry carpet bags...

And I have to include two more of the same beautiful floral tapestry carpet bag. Just because I love it so!

I was very pleased that my photos came out great using an iPhone. Many thanks to Gabrielle for a wonderful photo shoot! She's a very artistic young woman. I think we worked very well together!

If you have enjoyed my first fashion photo shoot, please let me know via the chatbox or email me at I'd love to hear your thoughts!

My shop has unique items you won't find elsewhere. And everything comes gift-wrapped except for the art prints. Photos of my signature gift wrap are shown in the listings. I can ship directly to your gift recipient. Those of you who subscribe to my blog posts have coupons - don't forget!

The photos you've seen are only a sampling of what I have in my Etsy shop (here). Check back often to see new items. If you have any questions about my wares, don't hesitate to ask.

With smiles across the miles and in-between, have a great day!


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