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Cute & Creative Handmade Gifts for Children - Part II

Hello all,

The second part of my pre-Christmas post on creating cute handmade gifts for children is a bit overdue. But, I'm here today to share my photos of baby Charlotte's 2020 handmade Christmas gifts!

On Christmas Day, my husband and I were very pleased to FaceTime with our daughter and family and watch our grandchildren open the gifts we sent them.

In my handmade gift for baby Charlotte, I had enclosed a letter I wrote to her. Of course, being 7 months old, I had my daughter, Melody, read the letter out loud. I wrote about the contents of the special gift.

If you read Part I of this post (here), you will remember I made two tiny rag dolls for two sweet girls. Here is the third one which my Charlotte Rose received. As you can see, one of her arms is not exactly straight. I didn't try to fix it. I wrote in my letter that poor "Miss Dolly" had a little accident. The poor dear fell down the stairs which made her arm crooked. I reassured Charlotte that her little dolly was truly okay! And that when she wore her clothes, you wouldn't notice her crooked arm at all. (smile)

Here's the backside of Miss Dolly and her clothing.

And the front side. The apron is reversible.

Here she is dressed up and ready to play with Charlotte.

The back view.

With her apron on.

The back view of her apron.

The next part of the gift was a dress in mint-green cotton Chintz that I had made for my daughter over 36 years ago. My younger sister recently found it and returned it to me to hand back to my daughter's baby. I had passed it down to my sister for my nieces to wear many years ago! The only little disappointment was that the bonnet was missing.

It was very exciting for me to send Charlotte her mommy's baby dress. My daughter was, indeed, very surprised and delighted to receive "her own baby dress" for Charlotte to wear. When I made that baby dress, I also made myself an Edwardian-style drop-waist dress with a long pointed collar in the same fabric with matching cotton lace. No. I don't have that dress anymore and, alas, it wouldn't fit me now either. But I still have the pattern!

Here's the sweet little baby dress that Charlotte will be wearing now. This is the back view of the baby dress.

And the front view of the baby dress.

As you can see, there's something else in the photos. It's a soft flannel blanket that matches Miss Dolly's clothing! Both sides of the blanket are the same and it's sandwiched with an organic cotton batting.

Miss Dolly fits inside the red felt purse for safe traveling. Here are more photos of Miss Dolly, the baby dress, and the flannel blanket. A partially finished flannel blanket lays across my cutting table. Isn't the fabric simply gorgeous? Perfect for little Charlotte Rose, isn't it? My daughter fell in love with the blanket!

And the final photos of baby Charlotte's Christmas gift. Although my Etsy shop is not about babies and children's accessories, I stitched my label onto a corner of the blanket. It means "Gramma Linda" made this blanket!

Miss Dolly is wearing the reverse side of her pretty apron.

I hope my "show and tell" provides you with some creative inspiration to make your own handmade gifts for children!

Until next time...and in the meantime....keep an eye on my Etsy shop. I have several new carpet bags (carpet bags are here) that are almost ready to be listed. (smile) I recently sold two to a customer in Hawaii! As soon as she received the first one, she ordered another. She left me an awesome review on my shop page. That's SO exciting for me! Plus...I'm brainstorming about a couple of other styles of bags...

Send me your comments through my chat box and have a great day!


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