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For the Love of Roses - an Iced Tea Delight!

Hello everyone!

One of my favorite flowers is the rose. You would think I'd have a yard full of them, but no. I tried to keep a rose bush alive in my perennial garden when I lived on Prince Edward Island. It just fared so-so.

I carried deep dark red ones at my wedding many years ago. My little bungalow childhood home in Massachusetts that I lived in most of my life ended up morphing into pinks and mauves over the years as I changed my taste in decor from American Colonial to a romantic Victorian style. The second and last kitchen makeover there with white cabinets and a gorgeous wallpaper of pink and white roses was not what others would do, but I loved it!

Then we moved to Canada. An American Four-Square house. My PEI kitchen came with dark red walls behind white cabinets. I loved it! Didn't change it. And now my new kitchen here in South Carolina is going through a change. I crave the same color schemes I had in Canada. So the grey walls will slowly change over time. My kitchen is partly painted in a dark red called "Dozen Roses" by Behr. It looks striking with the white cabinets just as my PEI kitchen did. And makes me feel "at home" again.

If you notice in my Etsy shop, the theme of roses (and luscious florals) is carried through in the fabrics I use to create my bags. Fabrics that exude romance and elegance are my cup of tea! And today, I'm sharing a delightful White Rose Iced Tea recipe. And one of my newest carpet bags!

The tea here is organic and low in caffeine. After enjoying this delightful tea hot, the idea of making it an iced beverage came to mind. And I loved how delicious it was iced. Maybe you will, too. It has a light flavor. Just right.

The recipe below is for brewing a regular iced tea using your favorite orange pekoe or black tea. The only change I made with this recipe to make white rose iced tea is using only four tea bags instead of five. It tasted just right.

A side note:  If you're not a fan of floral teas and prefer a regular "sweet" tea (or unsweetened) then use five tea bags. It will not be strong. My husband drinks iced tea - every day - for a great number of years now! He cannot do without it! And this is the recipe we use. Our favorite brand for regular tea is Red Rose. You don't need to purchase special "iced tea" bags. Just regular tea bags for brewing hot. 

To make my White Rose Iced Tea, follow the recipe below substituting White Rose Tea Bags for regular black/orange pekoe) and use only four tea bags. I bought this tea at the Whole Foods store.


5 tea bags (or 4 White Rose Organic Tea Bags)

4 cups cold water

4 cups ice cubes, plus more for each serving

1 lemon, cut lengthwise into 8 sections (I did not add any lemon to my white rose iced tea)

Sugar (11 tblsp. or sweeten to your own taste) - I use powdered Stevia

In med. saucepan over medium-high heat, heat water with tea bags until you see tiny bubbles, foam and steam swirling – just before the water boils. Turn off heat, and let tea bags steep for 3 minutes. Remove tea bags and discard.

In a heat-proof ½-gallon pitcher, add sugar. Pour hot tea into the pitcher and stir until sugar dissolves. Add 4 cups ice cubes and stir until most of the ice has melted.

To each glass serving, squeeze one lemon segment (optional) and add 2 to 3 ice cubes. Pour iced tea in glasses and serve.


Four cups of water in a saucepan with four tea bags (White Rose Tea) on the stovetop - Medium-high heat.

Heat the water until it gets foamy and just before it boils. Remove from heat and brew for three minutes.

Continue following the recipe to finish. I prepared mine in a heat-proof plastic (Tupperware) pitcher then poured some into my Rose Chintz Pitcher and served it in goblets on my front porch!

I styled the table with two of my bags from my Etsy shop. Don't you just love the floral fabric carpet bag? It's one of my favorites. You can check out this floral carpet bag on this link here.

And if the white purse delights you, check it out here.

Isn't this a restful place to enjoy a rose-infused iced tea in a glass goblet?

I hope today's post delighted your senses and you'll venture out to try a new summer beverage!


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