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How To Make Beautiful Crafts From Cabbage

Good day, all!

I'm sure I'm confusing some - if not all - with the title of this post! Because this is all about sewing and not cooking!

The Victorian use of the word "cabbage" refers to fabric scraps. These fabric scraps are not over-used and worn out dish towels or sheets you've piled in the closet to clean up messes in the kitchen or for the auto mechanic in your family. These are beautiful pieces of fabric left over from sewing garments or home decor items. You don't use beautiful "cabbage" for wiping up oil and dirt, right?

Before we continue onto the "cabbage" projects, at the end of this post I'm sharing some photos of recently finished four zippered fold over totes with leather straps that are already listed in my Etsy shop HERE . An elegant fold over clutch will soon be listed. Plus my signature gift-wrap that is included in all bag purchases.

Now - back to the matter at hand...

And as you can see in the photo above, on my cutting mat is a selection of pinked rectangles from fabrics I've used to make bags for my Etsy shop. You may recognize the photo from this post HERE.

You may have other ideas swimming inside your head right now, and except for one idea, my list of projects below (with one photo from each project) are from previous posts. If you haven't read them before, you may enjoy reading them now for inspiration!

  • Stitch and embellish an "I love you" or "friendship"card HERE

  • Teach children how to stitch and sew tiny felt purses and zippered pouches HERE

  • Teach someone of any age how to use a sewing machine using cards and fabric scraps HERE or make it for yourself and just have fun stitching!

  • Make an accordion book for yourself or for gifting - embellished with fun quotes HERE

  • This "gift-wrap" idea comes from one I saw on recently (no photo).

If you are lacking in gift wrap paper and don't have time to go shopping, use large pieces of "cabbage" to wrap gifts! This project will involve stitching the "wrapping paper" with needle and thread to secure it around the gift (using tape will not work here!) and tying the gift with a length of fabric "ribbon."

I'm sure you can come up with other ideas for using up your "cabbage" stash. If you don't sew, perhaps you can ask a friend who does, if you can have some of her "cabbages" to make the above projects and she can help you learn how to sew these simple projects on her machine!(smile)

And as promised, here are photos of my latest additions to my Etsy shop HERE. All bags (including the pockets) are fully lined and interfaced for added stability. More details are in the listing descriptions. I have two more zippered totes almost ready to be listed - a black Chenille with black leather straps and a dark red velveteen with "London Bus Red" leather straps!

I just LOVE how the Royal Blue fold over clutch with beaded embellished ribbon came out. Simply gorgeous! Perfect for a Black Tie event, holiday party, wedding, or prom. I'll be getting these three bags (black, dark red, and royal blue) listed in the next few days.

The black zippered tote you see below that is being gift-wrapped has already been sold and is exactly like the one I mentioned above that will be listed in my shop very soon. It has a beautiful bird print lining that matches the green hand-made porcelain button!

The Royal Blue fold over clutch is the same size as the zippered totes with leather handles. The zippered totes with handles have a wide bottom instead of being narrow/flat like the fancy blue clutch. I just remembered...I'm also half-finished with a dark red fancy fold over clutch with black velvet ribbon embellishment. That will be coming soon!

If you have any questions on the "cabbage projects" or about any of the listings in my Etsy shop, don't hesitate to ask!

Have a glorious Sunday!


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