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More Tiny Rag Doll Accessories & Essentials To Love

The struggles of everyday living and coping with health issues can derail my plans for posting about my favorite subject. And that is sewing! And so I persevere!

Today, I'm finally writing and sharing one of my latest projects with you!

As you can see from the photo, it's all about tiny rag dolls again - a project that was dear to my heart for two special girls. The one in this photograph was for my youngest grandchild, Charlotte Rose. If you missed that post, click here to read it.

Today, it's about those two special girls for whom I made tiny rag dolls back in 2020. You can see that post here.

These two darling girls (along with their younger siblings) that my husband and I have become adopted grandparents to, have recently departed with their parents to a foreign land as missionaries.

Knowing this dear family was leaving for five years prompted me to provide these two girls a special going-away gift suitable for travel and for more happy playtime adventures in their new home. Of course, the rest of their family received special parting gifts, but stitching up a wardrobe of extra accessories was a special project to complete.

When we got together one last time a few weeks before their departure and presented this family with our gifts, I found out that the younger girl lost her precious tiny rag doll. Oh, my! Well, I had to make another one, right? What good are more accessories if you don't have a doll to dress up and play with? And for that matter - what do you do with an empty mattress, blanket, and pillow?

Thankfully, I still had the same fabric I used for this tiny rag doll and the clothes she was dressed in so I could duplicate the original. Besides the extra outfits, I made two simple doll-size zippered tote bags for these girls to stash their tiny rag dolls and all their accessories in.

And did I already mention a mattress, blanket, and pillow? Yes! For two tiny rag dolls! And here are the photos!

There are two sets of clothing - one for each of the two tiny rag dolls. Two short dresses. One long dress and a pair of overalls. In case you didn't read my previous posts on these dolls, they are five inches tall. Very tiny, indeed, and I even managed to do some of the stitching by machine instead of by hand!

Here is the front side of the first set.

Here is the back side.

And the second set of clothing. I made matching dresses in blue with white swirl designs and ribbon accents. They can be used as long dresses or as nightgowns.

And the backside.

I stitched up mattresses and blankets in flannel - white with pink polka dots and white with blue polka dots. The mattresses are stuffed and slightly tufted. The blanket tops are folded over and stitched in place with French Knots in red embroidery thread. The pillows are in a white cotton fabric and stuffed and the edges are pinked.

Here they are shown separately. I stitched little X's to create the tufting on the mattresses.

And with the nightgowns. Aren't they sweet?

Finally, the simple unlined zippered tote bags with ribbon handles that are the perfect size to hold the tiny rag dolls, their clothing, and their bedding! The totes are about the size of a standard piece of printer paper.

Sweet little tiny rag doll accessories!

And here's the new tiny rag doll I made to replace the one that was lost. As I mentioned earlier, you can read that post here to see the photos of the tiny rag dolls and clothing I made for these two girls who are now far, far away!

If you are interested in making these dolls for Christmas gifts, you can check out the website for the tiny doll pattern and clothing in that post. She also has free patterns. I didn't use a pattern for the bedding. I merely figured out how big to make the blankets and mattresses and cut out the rectangles accordingly. I already had fluffy stuffing to use. All the fabric used was from my stash.

Click on this link to get the website info: Part 1 - Cute and Creative Hand Made Gifts for Children The information for the patterns is mentioned in the fifth paragraph of my post.


God bless these little girls and their parents and siblings as they minister the word of God in that foreign land!

Happy stitching!


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