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How to Make Three Blind Mice Pink - Stitch them Up!

Hello all! - my hiatus has been too long, and I've been stitching and itching to bring you this cute project that you can make for yourself or others!

Of course, the mice you see in this photo are not blind and the third is missing! But mine ARE "blind" because they're made of felt! And they are pink, but you can make them in any color you want.

I came across this project on Pinterest. It came from a sewing blog I now subscribe to. These mice are actually pin cushions, but I made them for Christmas gifts as toys for the three little girls in my family - my littlest granddaughter and two great-nieces. If the mice survive childhood, I hope they will become pin cushions when these girls learn to sew.

For these adorable mice pin cushions, I have the link HERE so you can get the free pattern and directions from Helen of "Bustle and Sew." She has a delightful blog and website.

Here's the progression of my three blind mice pin cushions. The body parts are cut out in felt and fabric. The print fabric is for the inside of the ears. The round cardboard piece is critical for the mouse to have stability and sit upright. I used the same print fabric for the tail.

Stitching the ears. The inside of the ears.

I used a blanket stitch which was easier for me to figure out than the half-cross-stitch Helen describes in her directions. You do what works for you. In the photo on the right, I'm starting to stitch the base to the body.

The blanket stitch I used. The base is finished. Next is to add the tail.

The tail inserted in the backside of the mouse.

The round cardboard piece is inserted in the bottom.

Leave an opening for stuffing with heavy beads and polyfil. I used popcorn kernels (unpopped) in the bottom (about an inch or so high) since I didn't want to spend time or money to buy weighted beads. I used what was on hand in my pantry! I keep a wooden spoon in my sewing room for two reasons. To pack the polyfil when my fingers can't reach far enough, plus as an aid for holding fabric in place when ironing so as not to burn my fingers.

Here they are - all finished! Three blind mice in pink felt!

The back sides. I used a darker embroidery floss as a contrast, but you can match your floss if you prefer.

Aren't they adorable?

And another in black felt for a dear sewing friend of mine! I love it in black! I used roses print flannel fabric for the ears and tail. So cute!

I need to make myself one in black just to have something cute sitting next to my sewing machine, don't you think? It will certainly match my black 221 Singer Featherweight Sewing machine.

Such a cute project! I hope you enjoy making a bunch of blind mice in felt!

Until next time - happy stitching!


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