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Sunday Snippet - Confidently Winning Calmness Out of the Chaos

Good morning everyone!

Where do you find calmness in this chaotic unprecedented time? Is it in a corner of your home where you can curl up with a cozy afghan sipping steamy hot tea from your favorite mug totally engrossed in an enchanting romantic tale?

Or is it at your cottage on the lake? It's a delightful, crisp and chilly morning. The sun's rays peak and streak through the trees. A light fog hovers over the mirrored waters. Not a sound is heard except the birds chirping and tweeting that a new day has dawned.

Grasping your steaming mug of coffee, you nestle down on the front porch, enveloped in a toasty fleece blanket. You sip... you sigh... your soul is at peace as your eyes take in the beauty of God's creation.

Our own ideals of calmness are only temporary, aren't they? I love retreating to my sewing room to stitch away the hours creating beauty with my hands. It brings calmness to my soul. The world outside is still there - the masks, the mandates, the social grates my inner being - the controlling mechanisms to hem me in - to keep me away from others.

Where is the peace in this chaotic world? How do we manage the stress of family situations amid the world's craziness? Can I really achieve inner peace by mortal means?

Only in God's word. In scripture. In prayer. Psalm 91 is the perfect psalm to dispel our fears, to find shelter and refuge in the storms of life. I know I need it all the time. Every minute of the day. When the mask mandates drive me to tears, I quickly remind myself that God is in control. He is overseeing this tumultuous time. He's allowing it for His own purposes.

We can still pray for Him to remove the madness. And while we wait, we can find rest under the shelter and shadow of his wings. It's being close to God. He who dwells...will abide.

Let the LORD bring peace to your soul today. Let the psalm speak to you. And the way your feelings change - the peace and inner tranquility you achieve - is how God is protecting you from the turmoil outside. He can bring winning calmness to your soul.

Have a wonderful day worshipping the Lord in the beauty of holiness!

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