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Sunday Snippet - Strength for Each Day

Good morning!

Are you lacking in strength? I find myself constantly praying for strength - all day, each day, every day - to take care of ongoing issues, new snags that come my way to thwart my thoughts, that add to my to-do list...what would I do if I didn't have the LORD to pray to, to cry to, to work things out? That's the blessed component of my faith - GOD!

Do you look forward to Sundays? What is your Sunday like? For me it's a day of rest - with the LORD. With my church family. It's a day of worshiping the LORD in His house. It's morning and evening for me. Singing praises, listening to our musicians proclaiming God's glory through song, and messages from my pastor that enlighten the scriptures to equip me for the week ahead. Messages reminding me that God will provide strength for each day - heart-wrenching and heart-warming spiritual insights - that my mind, soul, and body need in order to live a Christ-like life.

I hope your Sunday finds you worshiping the LORD in the beauty of holiness. That it brings you spiritual enlightenment and encouragement from the LORD, and added strength for what lies ahead this week.

Have a blessed day!


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