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A DIY Craft, "to boot!"

Happy Thursday!

I trust everyone is doing well during this difficult world health situation that’s keeping most people in lock-down mode. I’m thankful I can trust in the LORD who knows everything, sees everything, and controls every circumstance – in the world and in my life. I hope you can say the same thing. It certainly brings peace of mind knowing God is in control.

Today I’m sharing a rewrite of a little sewing project that I posted in my previous blog, Tintenfleck Studio.

Do you enjoy simple and cute crafts? Are you bored and looking for something unusual to make?

That’s why my title says “to boot.” If you aren’t “up to snuff” on what it means, “to boot” means something additional; moreover, on top of that. It’s an Old English saying.

I have a DIY craft that I made, and I’m providing the instructions so you can make it, too! AND it IS a boot!

I call this one a Victorian Boot felt “purse” or “gift-wrap” enclosure. It’s just the right size for a piece of jewelry, small candy treat, or specialty tea bag to present as a hostess gift.

If you’re not into Victorian boots, think about using a different shape, such as a piece of fruit or animal. How about a tea cup or mug shape? Or an automobile – guys would like that shape, right?

If you don’t have any of the materials handy in your sewing stash, there’s always online shopping to procure them if stores in your area aren't allowing shoppers to roam freely.

DIY Victorian Boot Felt Purse

For a Victorian boot, here is a list of supplies:

Felt fabric of your selected color(s) (small felt pieces are available at craft stores – by-the-yard available at fabric stores)

½ inch wide white lace

Stick-on faux pearls or small white buttons

Strips of Velcro matching your felt fabric

Pattern paper or wax paper for tracing your boot pattern (or other shape you desire)

Matching thread and your sewing machine (option: hand stitch the seams)


Hand draw or trace your boot pattern from a photo of a boot or other object. Lots of ideas on-line!

Here is my pattern on top of a piece of brown felt.

Fold the felt fabric in half and cut out two felt boots from your pattern. Measure the top of each boot (minus ¼ inch seam allowance on both ends). Cut your Velcro pieces according to that measurement. Stitch the Velcro pieces onto each boot top. I sewed around all four sides of the Velcro.

Measure a length of lace, turn the ends under, and stitch onto the right side of one boot piece. You don’t need to decorate the other boot piece unless you want to. I only did one.

Stitch boot pieces wrong sides together and stitch a ¼ inch seam around the boot, EXCEPT the top! Don’t forget you need to keep the top open where the Velcro is. See my stitching lines in the photo. I also stitched across the top of the heel so tiny items won’t get lodged there by mistake.

Next come the buttons or stick-on pearls. If you prefer using buttons, sew them on BEFORE you stitch the two boot pieces together. Below is the first boot I made with buttons.

If you are choosing to make multiples, then using faux stick-on pearls is a time saver. Here are the faux stick-on pearls I used.

Stick on your faux pearls and your Victorian boot purse or gift-wrap envelope is ready!

And here are the ones I decorated with the faux stick-on pearls.

Here are three Victorian boots ready for gift-wrapping jewelry from my Etsy Shop – Lady Elsie Lee. If you would like to make something simpler than this Victorian boot, check out my other post for making felt envelopes. Very practical. I make mine with buttons and buttonholes, but if that’s too difficult for you, then substitute Velcro. You can put gift cards, jewelry, candy, tea bags, tiny treats inside!

New Items Coming and a Nudge

I’ve been stitching up more carpet bags for my Etsy shop. A dozen in beautiful fabrics! They’re almost done and pretty soon they’ll be photographed and listed for sale.

Mother’s Day is coming up next month. This is a “think-ahead” nudge to check out my shop and see one-of-a-kind items you can ship directly to your mom, friend, grandmother for that special day commemorating mothers of all kinds, whether they are your own or adopted! And when you purchase an item for a gift, I can include a gift note at no extra charge. Just send me a message at time of checkout. All jewelry will be "wrapped" in a felt purse - either a boot or an envelope. Plus all fabric bags are packaged ready to gift.

Some moms may not need anything but only want love and hugs from you. How about an artful sentiment to hang on their wall? It's one-of-a-kind - you won't see it anywhere else but in this section of my Etsy shop.

Until next time...remember God is in control. Trust Him everyday. And have a blessed weekend!


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