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Creative Spirit Fashions a New Garment From Old Jeans

Hello everyone! Do you like to be creative and make new things from old?

Today I'm showcasing a project I made three years ago while living on Prince Edward Island. I originally posted it on my previous blog (Tintenfleck Studio). At that time, the one and only fabric store that provided dressmaking fabrics, notions, home decor fabrics, and other necessary sewing implements and needs had closed. The closest Fabricville was about two hours away in New Brunswick. The only stores left were quilt shops and one small home decor fabric store. Fabricville still hasn't come back to the island, which is so sad for garment sewers.

I wanted to make a new vest from a pattern I really liked which fitted me well. The pattern came from the "No Time to Sew" book and pattern collection by Sandra Betzina. I'm nervous to purchase fabric online when I can't touch the fabric and feel its "hand." To source some denim, I chose a different route!

A trip to the Village Thrift Store was where I found denim. Though the store sells some fabric remnants, I found my denim by purchasing two pairs of jeans. Careful scrutiny of the right type of patch pockets was needed as you'll see why below.

For this vest that didn't need a lining, I redesigned the armhole size, the neckline and the front a bit. After deciding what parts of the jeans would be used, I carefully cut the jeans apart, pinned and cut out the pattern pieces, including detaching the patch pockets to reuse. I had an extra pocket that I made something else with that I'll share as well.

I stitched the vest together and added lace trim and fancy buttons I had from my stash of notions. Dolly, my delightful sewing partner (mannequin) is modeling it for me! Here it is:

One patch pocket had a cute little zipper!

A close-up of the front where I added decorative buttons and lace.

The backside of the vest.

The other patch pocket with buttons added for interest! Don't you like the shape of the pockets?

And a closer look at the front again.

Another patch pocket was used to make a cute purse for my granddaughter, Olivia, who was turning six then. I used a bit of denim fabric I already had for the back of the patch-pocket purse, added a zipper closure, blue toile fabric for the lining, strap, and lace and buttons.

It's such a cute little purse, don't you think? I had my daughter take a photo and send it to me as I had forgotten to take one before packaging it up! Here it is:

My previous sewing label, Tintentfleck Studio, was sewn on the inside.

Most of us wear jeans and if you are so inclined to save them from the trash bin and repurpose your jeans into something else, a little patch pocket purse would be a cute and easy item to make yourself.

"She maketh herself coverings of tapestry; her clothing is silk and purple." Proverbs 31:22


In the past several weeks, I've been working on new tote bags for my Etsy shop. They're almost ready to be listed. They're not carpet bags but large tote bags sewn with stiff interfacing that allows them to stand on their own. They'll also have leather handles! A first for me. The fabrics are gorgeous! Plus more carpet bags are in the works.

Subscribers to my posts...don't forget you have coupons! My shop listings are great for gifting! Until next time...stay calm, be creative!



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