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Focusing on GOD in our prayer time

Good morning! A happy Sunday to you!

For several weeks on Sunday evenings, our pastor taught a series on “Hezekiah: Leading by Clinging to God.” The study was very illuminating to me. King Hezekiah was the only king in the Old Testament that trusted the LORD totally – no wavering – despite the turmoil and desperate situations he encountered while being king of Judah.

He was the complete opposite of his father before him – King Ahaz – who was very evil. You can check out this part of his story in II Kings 19.

King Hezekiah clung to the LORD by praying. When he prayed, he focused on God. He didn’t focus on the threat at hand – a second assault on Judah by Assyria. His prayer to the LORD was calm and restrained. He was not panic-stricken.

How many, many times have I been panic-stricken and stressed when praying to the LORD to take care of a certain situation facing me! I’ve been desperate for answers and for situations to be remedied. I’ve pleaded. I’ve prayed sincerely. Over and over again. Multiple times in the course of a day. I’ve focused on the problem, not on who God is.

King Hezekiah’s prayer was calm. In II Kings 19:8, you can read his prayer. He was mindful of the dangers ahead, but he focused on GOD, the creator of the universe.

Can I ask you? Am I the only one who immediately starts asking God to deal with my problems first before I honor Him? Before I exalt His Name, His power and authority over the universe?

Yet, even while I write this, I still forget the example of King Hezekiah. Instead, my focus is on problems that I want the LORD to fix – removing the issues that plague me.

As we worship Him in spirit and in truth today, may we purpose in our hearts to focus on the creator of the universe, because HE sees all, knows all, and is in control of all things pertaining to our lives.

Have a blessed Sunday!


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