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How to Benefit from Natural Remedies to Empower and Energize Your Life

What are your secrets to keeping your body working properly? Do you believe in using the best ingredients that nature can provide?

I believe God created the world with its myriad intricate designs and processes to provide people with “nature’s ingredients” for healthier bodies. I believe He gave certain people the knowledge and wisdom to extract from HIS natural creation what the human body needs to function properly and heal, when at all possible.

If you know me personally, you’ll know that I prefer natural supplements and natural remedies to keep my body working properly and to help it heal.

My Health Story

I’m far from having perfection with my health. I deal with arthritis and neuropathy. And yes, I deal with anxiety, emotional distress, and decades of mercury poisoning and poor food choices. During my lifetime, there were a few times I have had to depend on prescription meds to take care of short-term ailments. Last year I had stem cell therapy on both hips. The majority of the time I use natural supplements and plant-based medicines to promote healing and to feel the best I can.

Like pretty curtains and decorative elements in my home that provide ambiance and warmth, homeopathic medicine and essential oils are the added natural elements that I use alongside the special supplements I take to further enhance my health and healing.

Do you think it’s smart to put your money into things that are quality-made, like a well-constructed home that won’t leak or fall apart so easily, or clothing that is stitched and crafted with quality materials that won’t stretch out of shape or rip the first time you wear it?

I have the same standards for what goes into my body whether it’s food, natural medicine, or natural supplements. And lest you think I’m a total health geek and are strict with my food and ways - fear not! I’m not! 😊 I do have my cravings for Dairy Queen and the occasional not-so-healthy snacks!

If you are a person who’s on the same natural path as I am and feel the need to “up your game” and haven’t experienced the results you need, then I have something for you today!

I’m not promising you a rose garden. I’m sharing the foundational products of my health journey. All-natural, 100% plant-based supplements that are scientifically developed and designed to work on gut health, to balance bodily functions, including blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels, natural supplements that remove toxins, provide more energy, lower anxiety, and stress, improve brain and heart health.

Did I mention that these natural supplements are doctor-approved?

Like a well-built home, Plexus Worldwide supplements are the foundation of my health journey. I’ve been an Ambassador with Plexus for over six years and I’ve seen my summer allergies gone in the first month of being on the products. That was exciting to see!

The first supplement I started on was the famous “pink drink” or Slim, as it’s called. Plexus developed it for diabetics to balance their blood sugar levels. It was later discovered it helped with weight loss. It’s delicious!

I love my “pink drink!” It’s not just for overweight people. It’s for the skinny people out there, too, because everyone needs their blood sugar levels balanced. Slim helps lower stress and anxiety levels, which is what I need. Provides more energy. It works on healing the gut, balances cholesterol levels, and removes toxins (another plus!).

What else do I take?

My other four Plexus foundational supplements that I rely on and take everyday work on the gut to improve my mood, correct constipation, relieve pain and inflammation, improve hair, skin, bone, muscle, tendon, and ligament function, heart and brain health.

A healthy gut means a healthy mind. When one part is unhealthy, the other parts are affected. When probiotics heal your gut, your mental health improves.

Everyone’s health journey is different and depending on how long you’ve been ailing, it does take time to see results and to feel better. It’s akin to removing layers of wallpaper. Patience and perseverance are key. And sometimes dealing with detox issues.

Yes…sometimes a person can feel awful from taking natural supplements. That’s normal. It’s necessary. It’s temporary. Seriously! It’s how the body gets rid of the bad stuff and helps you heal. It means you’re on the road to better health! It’s part of the journey. You do want to get rid of the bad stuff, yes?

In a nutshell…that’s my health story. Would you like to join me on a better path of wellness?

How Plexus Can Benefit You

Plexus Worldwide is a special kind of company to be a part of. They care for their Ambassadors and customers. They take pride in the quality of their supplements and stand behind them.

The supplements are pure, potent, and guaranteed. They are backed by science and are built for results. And kids are not left out - they have their own special gut-healing, immune-strengthening supplements.

Did you know that being allergic to certain foods is due to poor gut health? Plexus supplements have helped others reverse their health story and are enjoying foods they couldn’t eat before. Let “nature’s ingredients” work for you!

Did I mention that as an Ambassador you can receive a commission on your own purchases? And there’s MORE.

Becoming an Ambassador for wholesale pricing is the way to enjoy ALL the perks and bonuses Plexus Worldwide offers monthly. Have no fear. There are no hidden fees, no hidden agendas, no contracts, nothing to worry about. Enjoy taking high-quality, all-natural 100% plant-based supplements that work on gut health. We even have a plant-based omega supplement.

Are you ready to "up your game?" My email:

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Message me to find out about my promotion to save you money and receive a free gift!

Just information. No pressure. No gimmicks. That’s me – that’s Plexus!


All natural products everywhere have to include the following statement, in case you didn't realize that...

Plexus Disclaimer: "These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease."


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