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Sunday Snippet - Lamentations and tears, but hope for peace and prosperity


The other day while having my devotions, a relaxing violin and cello Youtube video played while I wrote out scripture. It’s my way of “reading” slowly when I write out scripture with my fountain pen. The book I’m in now is Lamentations. Appropriate, don’t you think, for these days when so much evil and sorrow is encompassing us.

While writing, I’m peeking at the video as it’s displaying beautiful landscapes, forests, and fields, rippling streams in dappled sunlight. I think – how wonderful it will be in the Millenium and beyond, when the LORD reigns on earth and when evil is finally vanquished.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I longed for this future time of peace and prosperity. For a time when we can roam the earth and not be fearful of man or beast.

One of the verses I wrote down was Lamentations 4:4 where it speaks of thirsty and hungry children begging for food and water, and no one comes to their aid. How my heart breaks for the children who are slain before they are born, for the ones who are abandoned and mistreated.

But…there is hope!

One day all the evil will be gone and we’ll be living in a glorious world full of peace and prosperity - a beautiful world where child and animal will co-exist without fear or harm. The partakers of this hope are the ones who put their trust in Christ. Will this be your future?

I certainly hope so! Have a blessed Sunday and Valentine's Day!

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